Sunday, November 14, 2010

Technology Makes Things Simpler For All

What is technology?  Why is it important? 

These are abstract questions, and become even moreso when applied to an
obscure field such as 3D metrology.  But they also sit at the root of our
[metrologists'] very reason for being, so we have to answer/face them. 

In short, we think that technology is a means to convert a complicated
workflow into a simple one.  Think of products such as guns,
cars, and computers.  In the early days, an expert spent long hours
accomplishing a task, such as learning to shoot and reload a gun
quickly/accurately, preparing a car for a long trip, or formatting an I/O
structure for a computer database.  Over time, through technology, the task
became effortless, so that almost anyone could fire hundreds of rounds quickly
(machine gun), drive across country (modern vehicles), and load/share
information with colleagues (modern software).  These advancements
literally changed the respective lives of countless persons, and inspired yet
further advancements. 

For a metrologist, a simple workflow can be elusive.  For those that
have been battered by primitive technology, wrong algorithms for the job, or
inefficient use of hardware/environment, achieving of our daily goals sometimes
means dozens of hours of work, thousands of mouse clicks, and impeccable
attention to detail.  But soon, technology will make all of this easy —
this is our assertion. 

Some day, one mouse click will solve all of our problems, and all of the
nuances of our thought will be translated into a complete, traceable, controlled
process - in seconds.  Don’t believe us?  Look to

Is your metrology headed in the right (technology-driven)

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