Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why a 3D Metrology Blog?

Why not?  Seriously, this industry is changing quickly.  New
technologies, new applications, new computing power, a growing knowledge base,
new companies, merging companies, new business models, new support

We remember when it took 10 hours to load a reasonable CAD file.  We
remember when standards that are common today were still emerging.  We’ve
seen, tested, and used some great and some not-so-great technologies. 
We’ve seen the shifts in the way metrology is perceived, accepted, interpreted,
and used.

We’re all metrologists.  If you’ve ever used a tape measure, you’re a
metrologist.  If you’ve ever timed an egg, you’re a metrologist.  If
you’ve ever eyeballed the right size clothing, you’re a metrologist.  And
if you’ve ever perceived the impact of a public policy or legal document, you’re
a metrologist.  But despite the vast nature of this word, to us it means
something like “the professional application, through the application
of ethics, science, technology, and good engineering practice, of a 3D
coordinate measurement device for the benefit of humankind.”

3D metrology has an impact on the safety of our planes, the efficiency of our
cars, the profitability of our companies, and the perception of our
brands.  Metrology is often associated with “quality,” but that is another
matter.  For now, check back occasionally to read our postings.  Not
every day, because we don’t write that much.  But maybe once a
month or few.

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